Celebrating Mexico! Javier Garnica and El Huizache

Month of May (this article was written in 2016) was filled with celebrations and awards for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Folkloric Ballet El Huizache of Mexico City, the 34th years career and the birthday of Master Javier Garnica, Director of this famous dance group, who also does career as a designer, actor and model.

Foto 3 Garnica y El Huizache
Javier Garnica, Director of El Huizache

Since 1996, this Master in Folk Dance has been building and consolidating a path for Mexico to dance with pride and, together with El Huizache, a talented team with a personality worthy of respect and recognition, makes his passion for art, travels throught our veins.

National Auditorium, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Zocalo of Mexico City and, even the White House of the United States of America have been some of the scenaries that praised mexican music and the tradition that Garnica has shared from his soul to the world.

Additionally, he achievement that El Huizache were the first ballet distinguished by Galería Plaza de las Estrellas where they shaped and unveiled their traces, and with that distinction accompany in their presentations to solo performers and musical groups of recognized prestige and confirmed passion for Mexico and its music.

Foto 2 Garnica y El Huizache
Some of El Huizache with Lyna D’Mar

Master Garnica with his magnificent ballet, takes to Mexico City in name and to all Mexico in the heart, and for that reason they received the Gold Award that the Costa Rican community granted to him of hands of its General Managers: Patricia Santos and Rony Soto, who had already honored him with Ray Tico Presea and the recognition of the same name.

Until the previous season they were an essential part of “Mexico Canta”, and now they participate like stellar ones in the television program “Por Mexico las tertulias” produced and directed by Aramis Montecristo, and led by Lyna D’mar, Sasha Moreno and Cydes. This program is broadcast on the channel Mexiquense and the 165 of Total Play, and soon will bring us great surprises.

Precisely Lyna D’Mar, Producciones Montecristo and Engineer Aramis Montecristo, organized in the emblematic Tenampa in Garibaldi, the tribute in which different organizations united in a single voice to celebrate Mexico with Javier Garnica and El Huizache.

Foto 7 Garnica y El Huizache
Folkloric Ballet El Huizache of Mexico City on its tribute

The Charros Association of C.I. Cuautitlán Izcalli, C.A., Foundation “Esto es México, vive tu tradición”, C.A., Indiana’s Voice (Indiana’s Leading Bilingual Newspaper), Eduart’s Musical Productions by Eduardo Pimentel, and Radio programs “La hora del café” and “Derecho al aire” of Dr. Horacio Galina Macías were some institutions that recognized his professional trajectory.

In the near future, Javier Garnica will announce his first record material including duets with Oscar Cruz, Conchita Solís and Marco Murillo, interpreting themes by José Alfredo Jiménez, Juan Gabriel, Hugo Avendaño, among others, and the significant melody “El Huizache de Javier Garnica” composed especially by Víctor Manuel León.

We expect great and exciting musical proposals from Javier Garnica, and new and better dance representations of El Huizache, but above all we hope that this musical breath that gives us, invigorate our national spirit, because Mexico is being transformed and in that sense we must grow: without forgetting our musical roots.

Photography: Luis Casas.

Spanish: Nota en Diario del Yaqui.

Spanish: More about El Huizache y Javier Garnica.

Spanish versión of this articule: here.

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