The adventure of singing ranchero. Ramón Aguirre, spirit of two continents


For his musical experience of forty-three years, for his participation in more than thirty commercials and having acted in two films, Ramón Aguirre is a worthy example of Mexican talent to whom the success doors have led him to be recognized in two continents.

The energy and the positive vision of this son of Parral, Chihuahua does not diminish even a moment and has become a great example of tenacity, for that reason with great pleasure it is admired to him in each one of the places in which it appears, luckily he already does it from our beloved Mexico.


Ramón Aguirre, cantante de ranchero. Foto: Víctor Flint Flores Hernández

Ramón Aguirre began his artistic career at age 14, and went from rock to jazz, from bolero to ballad and in every genre he played was always accompanied by the ranchera music, so singing it was easier than packing his bags to change his residence for 25 years in Spain.

The rancheras as musical genre identify us throughout the world because they are a social construction and reflect our history, both in the compositions, instruments and interpretations. We learn this in Mexico in everyday life and it becomes our most endemic musical knowledge.

This musical philosophy I discovered with the oaxacan Rolando Cruz and his Mariachi Sin Fronteras in Bratislava, Slovakia, and I reaffirmed it with Ramón Aguirre who has had the fortune to travel and live the experience of being a ranchero singer in other countries, particularly America and Europe.


Ramón Aguirre, cantante de ranchero. Foto: Víctor Flint Flores Hernánde

Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Monaco and Lithuania, are some of the countries that nurtured their musical spirit and allowed us to find it now in Mexico with a vocal and human maturity that only the great can have: sing the Mexican music with their soul.

As an example are his presentations with Chenoa, Alaska, Concha Velasco, Bertín Osborne, Joselito, Tamara and other artists, in some European programs; and his performances with Paco Stanley (RIP) and more recently on the program of the National Association of Actors and in México Canta with Julia Palma.

Ramón Aguirre is an artist who dignifies any space like the great ones: Vicente Fernández, Aida Cuevas and Pepe Aguilar, among others, and I can also mention: José Antonio Hernández “El pelao de México”, Rosy Arango, Paty Santos and Karla Platas, among whom talent and appreciation for their profession are undeniable.


Ramón Aguirre, cantante de ranchero. Foto: Yored Basurto. Diseño: Carlos Soto Bretzfelder

Yes, talent and audience exist, so what’s missing? Ramón Aguirre agrees with his colleagues: “there is no investment in this genre that identifies us in the world, but seems to be reserved for certain places like Garibaldi in Mexico City or the Plaza de los Mariachis in Guadalajara, and only for the September and November national celebrations.”

“It is not enough with the scenarios that exist in each tourist center or those that seem to be all over Mexico but reserved for a small number of artists, are few spaces and therefore, the business decision to value vernacular music and our artists, as is done abroad, is decisive.”

The ranchera music is an emotional experience that covers a wide range of formats (trio, banda, norteñas, etc.), and although it is particularly distinguished with mariachi, in all of them it is a great alternative for the business world because it is almost a human need for those who love music.

Ramón Aguirre, who is about to finish his new album, recognizes the ranchera music beyond sore and tequila songs, of disappointments and betrayals; he recognize that we have a great artistic legacy among which are: Jorge Negrete, Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante, and even the recently deceased Juan Gabriel (RIP).

Each artist made, makes and will make their own contribution to the musical history of Mexico, and Ramón Aguirre‘s contribution is to make us enjoy a great show and share his great ranchero spirit, his encouragement and energy, that characterize it because they are so big that they encompass two continents.

Spanish version here.

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