From Mexico to me: the gifts of 2016.

As every year, in Christmas Holidays we are expecting gifts. Although the expectations of childhood and youth are special, in adulthood we also have them, even if that expectations are only for the gifts that we give to ourself.

Although, sincerely, when I checked the gifts that I received in all year around I realize that I have lost:

  • My tranquility was stolen. The level of violence has increased so much that it has already entered to privacy of my home, trying to extort me.
  • My opportunities were hijacked. Corruption and impunity are the action and prize in the public service.
  • My longings were tortured. In the bureaucracy, such a sinuous way, tide, bend and kill, my ideas and projects were trapped there.
  • And my dreams were murdered. With an inflation that seems boil a cooking pot with frogs, price increases are dwindling and slowly are killing my hopes to still dreaming.

Fortunately “faith never dies” and “hope dies last,” and in that I will focus.

Even if I receive something bad, I will give my family and the people I love, something different. I will convert the current situation in one that generates good gifts for future generations, and that these are: tranquility, opportunities, longings, dreams and hopes.

It is time to give myself to the world, and if each person sees it that way, we can revolutionize our own world. Our potential needs to be channeled into the common good by acting.

The year 2017 must be actions. Intentions must become motivations and evidences, individuality must give way to the collective and, for our own good, from this moment we will prepare what we want as a gift at the end of the next.

May your personal reflection give you the awareness, the temperance and the determination to build success always. And may your personal willnes unified to other wills to transform our country. It is time to re-evolve.

Spanish version here.



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