My Vacations (Winter 2015)

Hi students:

This assignment have the purpose to describe your last vacation and is called: My Vacations.

You should write in full sentences the activities that you did, the places where you went, the persons that you visited and even if you did “nothing”, describe it.

You should also comment briefly what did you play, eat or listen, and what activities did you really enjoy. If you have a specials plans for your next vacations, include them.

Remember this is a practice, so you should answer at least 2 of your classmates.

Be success!

Recuerden que si comentan constructivamente cualquiera de las entradas del Blog Caziidi’ podrán ganar el ejemplar del libro de regalo del mesel cual está destinado especialmente para quienes se han suscrito a Caziidi’.



  1. During these holidays I had a great time.
    Some of the activities to realize during this school break was partying with my friends. Most of the time lived with my family.
    The most relevant to realize was going to Hermosillo to visit my sister and my niece. During my stay in Hermosillo I attended several family dinners in which I had fun, too often went out to eat on the road, touring as well as several times a film as a respite ago let’s drink go for a coffee or a milkshake Starbucks.
    This holiday was not the best but not complaining.

    Me gusta

  2. In this winter holiday I did not go anywhere , it was a bit strange for me because I have a habit of every holiday go to the state of Sinaloa to spend Christmas and non-school days with my family , living together , dating.
    This time my family and I were at home here in Obregon where this time we spent Christmas here , did not go out anywhere (and I do not like to go out ) I just spent the holidays playing League of Legends , Smite , Guild Wars 2 and other games , also went out to see my wedding day and I could pass these holidays at home with family but everything was fine.

    Me gusta

  3. What i did in my vacation? really no much, it was nice, quiet and funny. I did not leave any particular location, pass resting at home.
    The first day of my vacation i left was to “animecon” an anime convention that i like . I went with my little brother and my boyfriend, we had a good time. here we met several artists within the anime and saw people dressed as characters.

    There after only went out my family at christmas, take my boyfriend. That night was beyond with the family of my father, all we ate menudo and discada. In new year was more fun, the family of my mother are really crazy! we ate pozole and barbecue, cold soup and beans, drank hot chocolate, broke the piñata and made a bonfire, was delicious!

    After the holidays i was pass in my house, last outputs i had with my boyfriend, i went his home with my parents. When we celebrate 10 months we went to eat and play, at the next exit i went for Villa Juarez with he and met a friend.

    Me gusta

  4. To go on vacation in December, I thought about visiting my brothers in Tijuana; But my grandmother ill and was no longer possible. When he recovered, we decided to spend a few days in the field with them carry groceries and a small suitcase. Only then was my fear of animals did not want to spend more than three days there, so we went back. A late Christmas and my mother had to work those days … I spend watching television series and some days reading; Then came January and a friend’s birthday came and thought about going to the movies. That day was beautiful! First we got to eat pizzas and along the way give away food to people in need outside the hospital, then we come to the movies and spend between joke and joke. February almost approaching and with the return to school …

    Me gusta

  5. On my vacation I worked in my father’s business. I learned to stop being afraid, and have a business is not as easy as it sounds, but if you do it with dedication, respect, patience, a lot of determination and learn how to treat people that little business will be very successful.
    I was in Christmas and New Year with my family (father, mother, brother and uncles) we danced, sang songs, we exchange gifts, and ate a delicious dinner to prepare my mother. December 25 my family and I went to “Los Alamos” is my favorite place in all of Sonora.
    After the holidays, I focus on me. A changed things I didn’t like myself, watched many movies, series and tutorials on makeup, hairstyles, recipes, sewing; I read for the third time my favorite book is “Looking for Alaska”, read a lot about the universe, and bought two books, I wrote about things I learned, I met a very nice girl from Russia; She speaks Russian, English, French, Italian; her dream is to be able to speak 10 languages fluently. Her name is Bertha.
    I drank so much coffee. I started eating healthy. Previously I ate too many donuts. I played with my dog, her name is Lulu.
    I really enjoyed this holiday, I learned more about myself and I feel so happy.

    Me gusta

  6. This holiday i had a trip to Mexticacan Jalisco, a town near Guadalajara. While there, i visited my family after two years of not seeing them, we had a great time, we went to different parts as quinceañeras and a wedding, at night we went to the garden where we saw the band playing and we always ended the night eating tacos. I spen day and nigth witch my two families, although it was a big complicated because we had to go to different place to be with all my relatives, the good part was that we had fun and ate more, most part of thenight we spent it whit the family of my mother, we drank punch, ate pozole, danced and we broke piñatas, it was one of the best christmas i ever spent.
    We spent too much, but the most important was that parade along with my cousins in the village. In new year we ate a lot, burn rockets and talked about many things my family and me. Knowing that the day we would return to Obregon approached, we began to make the most of the time we have left, we knew we would not see our family in two years, maybe less, maybe more. The day out was very difficult we said goodbay to all of them.
    We arrived to Obregon on the day of jenuary 5, we had wanted to see my dad because he was well thank god, the rest of holidays i did exercise, went our with my friends, studied a bit and helped my parents at home. I hope to return soon to Mexticacan to see my family again.

    Me gusta

  7. My vacation was not the most amazing but they were not ugly, I went out with my friends to the park and to the movies, everything else was reading books and reread “The advantages of being invisible” really is a very good book, The rest of my vacation was being in social networks and sleep.

    Me gusta

  8. My vacation
    In my vacation can’t get out much of the city, is more time to enjoy it with my son, husband and family in general.
    This year you could say than usual not Sali anywhere, but that does not mean that not the enjoyed ayga.
    When I’m in school year almost don’t see Mai son, for that when I get home I get to do tasks and final work. HACI every free moment is something that I enjoy to the minimum.
    When I go on vacation I enjoy Demaci Mai son, ran all the time with the and is beautiful to know as he develops in certain occasions when I’m not.
    All my vacation since I was born my son are different, the was born on August 11, that is to say his birthday this celebration in my span of holiday.
    This year was 2 years old, had more 2 months planeandole some gifts that I did ´manualidades´ is could describe haci, callus on Thursday, his birthday I early lift in the usual way since my husband goes to work 7 wings of morning, arrange the room until my son woke up, the bed where the sleep I put several balloons, in the wall place some letters that said 2 years, le ise with cardboard a number 2 almost the size of my son, you did an arrangement of candy than that in part superioi llebava a balloon giraffe with the number 2, with the sabritas, cookies and sweets to more like and finally you ise a photo frame with photos from your first ultrasound till now.
    When the woke up one began to jump to catch balloons, its sweet and the enormous number 2 of letters that made him, the was happy, the age of innocence, who do not know what happens in the world, gives me great joy that my son is happy and that a daily Aug as possible to make your day great, sometimes there are ups and downs but the only grabs it game.
    We hope for another year make you an albercada, since he loves the water and the swimming pools.

    Me gusta


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