Introduce yourself… #3AMARH

3°A-M-ARH Agosto 2014-Enero 2015

Hi students:

This assignment is intended to get to know you a little more and get to know your classmates, is called: Introduce yourself.

You should write your name (not full name), group, age, where are you from and your personal tastes in music, movies, food and travel. You should also comment briefly what do you expect to learn in English III and what activities you would like to do during the course.

Remember that it is introduced so, that should answer at least 3 of your classmates.

Also you can use the file in here to practice your own presentation.

Be success!

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Recuerden que si comentan constructivamente cualquiera de las entradas del Blog Caziidi’ podrán ganar el ejemplar del libro de regalo del mesel cual está destinado especialmente para quienes se han suscrito a Caziidi’.

3°A-M-ARH Agosto 2014-Enero 2015
3°A-M-ARH Agosto 2014-Enero 2015


  1. Hi, My name is Ruby Treviño i have 17 years old, i was born in obregón city in november 08th, 1997.
    i Live in the Las espigas colony with my parents and my sister.
    i heve two sister, but one of theam is already married
    i likes go to the cinema and laguna with my sisters and my friends. i don´t like heat
    I’m obsessed with a series of books and movies called The Hunger Games
    i like the mexican food and the suchi.
    Good bye ❤

    Me gusta

  2. Hi, My name is Katya Barreras i have 16 years old, i was born in obregón city in november 16th, 1997.
    I like going out with my friends and spending time with my family. I love playing guitar and I like baseball
    I like Suchi. 🙂

    Me gusta

  3. Hi, my name is Ana Laura, i have 16 years old.
    I was born in Ciudad Obregón in november 7th 1997, I love my familiy,I live with my parents, and my brother and sister.
    My favorite food is Sushi and Pizza, I like go to the laguna with my boyfriend and have a good time with my friends too.
    My favorite color is black and blue. I like smile and that things 😀 .
    Thanks for reading , bye ! 🙂

    Me gusta

  4. hello, I’m Jessica Beatriz Zubieta Castro, i have 16 years born on May 28, 1998
    Live in ciudad obregon sonora
    I love to eat, my favorite food is sushi and pizza.
    I love listening to music is something that relaxes me.
    My favorite artist is Bruno Mars .
    I like going out with my friends and
    i love dancing
    that’s all thank you and goodbye

    Me gusta

  5. hello am Andujo Mario Alberto Moreno, I have 16 years born on April 12, 1998
    I live in obregon cd sound with my younger brother and my parents
    I love playing video games
    I like playing with my dog ​​and take him out
    I like sair with my friends to the lagoon or the movies parke
    I like to do meetings with my friends to play games
    my favorite games are Pokemon, Mario Bros, Zelda and Super Smash
    my favorite artists are Eugenio Derbez and Johnny Depp, I think all the actors and the ones in marvel
    thats all bye

    Me gusta

  6. Hello my name is Angela Galaviz Milagros Sandoval am 16 years old, I was born in the city of navojoa.
    Obregon city I live in with my mother and my brothers.
    My favorite food is pizza and lasagna.
    I love being with my friends.
    I really like the songs of justi bieber.
    I like being with my brothers and my mom.
    My favorite artist is never cambiare and Justin Bieber.
    that’s all bye.

    Me gusta

  7. Hi, my name is Perla Guadalupe Chaparro Mendivil I have 16 years born on August 4, 1998 Live in cuidad Obregon Sonora what I like to do is listen to music and sing I also like being with my friends my favorite singer is Demi Lovato and kelly clarkson I like being with my family and live with it My favorite food is pizza and spaghetti my favorite color is green and purple I consider myself a friendly person and very sympathetic smile love with my friends
    thank you, goodbye! ❤

    Me gusta

  8. Hello! My name is Andrea Almada López,I have 16 years old, I was born in January 4, 1998 in Obregon Sonora. My favorite color is blue and I really love dogs.
    Im always listening to music, my favorite singer is Justin Bieber, I love music.
    I like to play videogames and my favorite food is pizza.
    I have two young sisters, my favorite movie is Dear John.
    My favorite song is called I will never let you down by Rita Ora.
    I like to be with my friends and my boyfriend, My best friend is Jessica and I love her so much ❤

    Me gusta


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