Hi students:

This assignment is intended to get to know you a little more and get to know, is called: Introduce your self.

You should write your name (not full name), group, age, where are you from and your personal tastes in music, movies, food and travel. You should also comment briefly what do you expect to learn in English II and what activities you would like to do during the course.

Remember that it is introduced so, that should answer at least 2 of your classmates.

Be succes!

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Recuerden que si comentan constructivamente cualquiera de las entradas del Blog Caziidi’ podrán ganar el ejemplar del libro de regalo del mes, el cual está destinado especialmente para quienes se han suscrito a Caziidi’.



  1. My name is Sergio Armando Hernandez Borbon i’m from hermosillo sonora, but iam currently living in obregon cd, I was living my short time there, then was when my parents decided it to come to obregon, here i have all my primary school, high school and am pursuing second semester of high school, my parents are, Sergio Hernandez Ruelas and Juana Borbon Ortega, and i have sister and brother, at age 12 i really interesed in music is my favorite pastime play bass and rehaesing with a band of metal that’s like to do, also another of my favorite hobbie is playing videogames, i always go out to play games with friends or at home with my brother, i love going aout to events to music here in the city, my favorite color is black i have no favorite food, i like to go out a lot with my fiends and eat a lot, going to classes the bass evenings when i leave school and also watch movies at nigth on weekends i am a very servis person only dedicate my self to very few thing in life and what day ago but i like what you do.
    -Sergio Armando Hernandez Borbon

    Me gusta

  2. myself, my name is alejandro lopez and my favorite color is blue, i like sushi and tacos, I like running and hanging out with my friends, i don’t practice any sport.. my type favorite of music is rap and metal, my favorite singer of rap is c-kan and cartel de santa when I go out with my friends we do everything we can because we hardly see and I enjoy those outings they are the best I really like to sing, but sing well ugly everyone understands me and my family .. I can say that I give way too much and appreciate My favorite movie genre is horror and action
    and i love the weekends.

    -mauricio alejandro lopez alcaraz

    Me gusta

  3. my name is daniel bernal benitez, i am a sporty person practical extreme sports, bmx, skateboarding etc.
    my favorite music is heavy metal, an trash metal, i play a drum and guitar in my free times, my favorite food is tamales.
    i like learn in english class but sometimes does not understand one of my favorite days was the first of March I met kevin peraza was one of the best days of my life because it’s one of my biggest idols could not believe itand that’s a bit of my self.

    Me gusta

  4. my name is Dulce, I am 15 years old, my favorite color is purple, my favorite food in the sushi i like watching tv or being on facebook, i also like to go to parties with my friends i like going to school, weekends we go for a walk with the family, I do any sports.
    I like going to the movies my favorite movies are suspense and terror, music is my favorite romantic songs the band and artist that I like is Luis Coronel.
    Dulce Miroslava Martinez Corral

    Me gusta

  5. ¡HI! my name is Sofia Elizabeth Garcia De Leon, i was borned in cd. Obregon in january thirteen i am sixteen years old. my parents are Jose Juan Garcia Campoy and Thelma De Leon Valdez, I am the oldest of my three sisters, Edith, Gabriela and Maryjose.
    The things i really to do is eat, play softball and hear a lots of type of music, rap, hip hop, pop in english, but my favorite singer is Rihanna she is the best, and i love to dance top.
    What i would love to be a militar nurse or a militer doctor, and me too get married with Chris Brown, and this who i am and what i like.

    Me gusta

  6. myself, my name is joel dominguez taekwoondo I like to train and play guitar I’m a bit naughty I like Asher wing people laugh, my favorite food is pizza and suchi, my favorite genre is the band. my favorite color is purple and red, I consider myself as a hardworking and friendly person, my favorite movies is to click, and are like children,

    Me gusta

  7. My name is Adela Murrieta, i’m fifteen years old. I’m from CD. Obregon Sonora, my parents are Rafael Murrieta and Dulce Rodriguez. I study in CBTis 188, my favorite color is lemon green. I like Mexican food, sometimes I like spend my time reading, listening music, or with my boyfriend, my favorite singer is chris Brown i like his Music because is good.

    Adela Yamileth Murrieta Rodríguez

    Me gusta

    1. My name is Oscar Eduardo Diaz I am from cd. obregon. I have 15 years old my parents are Oscar Diaz and Olivia Hermosillo they’re from Cd. Obregon.I have sister little her name is Joanna Diaz she have 10 years old. My favorite food is pizza, like sleep and hear music.
      I really love Demi Lovato she is my favorite singer and Austin Mahone.
      My favorite color is black and red.

      Me gusta

  8. my name is Jessica Nallely Rodriguez Ochoa, i am from cd.Obregon, i have 16 years old, my favorite food suchi, my favorite sport basketball, my favorite color red, mi favorite singer is Bruno Mars.

    Me gusta

  9. My name is Esmeralda Sandoval Sanchez, i’m 15 years old. i’m from Cd Obregon Sonora. I have two brothers. I like baseball and i love dance. My favorite singer is Justin Bieber, he inspired me to fight for what I want and never give up. I love the fast and furious franchise. My dream is go to egypt and get on the pyramids. I like the music of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, my favorite band is Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. I learned to swim by myself in a river, I consider myself humble and someone who knows how to respect others.

    Me gusta

  10. Hello, my name is Joel Alejandro López Barrios, i was born in cd. obregon sonora mexico in august 13 of 1998. Im 15 years old.
    My parents are Miguel López Hernandez and Lucia Barrios Esquer and my brothers are Miguel Alberto and Melannie Lucia.
    I am studing bachillerato in CBTis 188, my news teachers are fantastic, now also have new friends: Jorge Rmz and Cinthia Espinoza, and my best friends are Enrique Ramirez and Edgar Miller. SAul and Joel were my best fiends but now not, i think so this year will be difficult.
    I like play basquet-ball, before i played videogames everyday.
    I am training mixed martial art and keping my condition very good.
    My favorite food is pizza and chinese food.
    I am doing exercise in my home and watch my T.V. show the monday´s and friday´s and i help my mom with the work in the house.
    My favorite singer is Eminem, actually i love all their songs and my favorite band is The Killers.
    And i hope they please and do not forget to answer.

    Me gusta

  11. Hi I’m Ariel Alfonso Martinez Valdez, born in Ciudad Obregon Sonora Mexico on October 14, 1997, I have 16 years old. My parents are Ariel Alfonso Martinez and Aracely Valdez Valdez Amariillas my brothers are Rocio Martinez and Jesus Martinez.
    CBTis study in school # 188, my new friends are great but already knew several of them.
    I play basketball for the school but also train and practice boxing and kick boxing and I train every day of the week except Sunday.
    My favorite food is tacos, I have not a favorite band but I like the genre of” northerner”.
    And I hope you liked it and reply soon. THANKS

    Me gusta


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