What is life?

 I can never quite know how things are ‘in itself’

but if I can find out how they are ‘for me.’Immanuel Kant

With the words of Immanuel Kant I started my reflection on What is life? before which, the first thing I have to say, because I have a moral obligation, I’m aware that I cannot give a concrete answer and I know that my ideas are not accepted as decisive, conclusive or absolute. I just let my thoughts take the form of letters to think about them and share with others, but everyone should experiment with their own reflexive process.

My flat, but not so simple intention, is written various moments of reflection that coincided between my life and that was revealed to me in a special way while teaching Philosophy in postgraduate course. So, again, this is only a written expression of my ideas that were dressed quietly for those taking the course. Then have to be written over what to keep building possibilities, something that gives life to enjoy it, so you have to identify them.

I should also mention that when saying “my life”, I mean the way I perceive what’s around me, and to my emotions, those demonstrations that allow us to adapt to the world, and define the way we live, and what I do because my emotions have been influenced by events in health issues, motivating changes in my priorities, something that I have known, by family and friends, it happens quite frequently.

Draw in your mind what you want to be and realize it
Draw in your mind what you want to be and realize it

I declare myself a lucky man, correct, I declare myself a blessed man. I am fully aware that everything that has happened to me has been good, pleasing and purposeful, and even though the death of my brother Felipe, that is the greatest tragedy that I have been through in my life, has resulted in generally blessed. I mean, the live has given me great satisfaction and happiness in their various fields and moments.

My life has been pleasant because the cries ended with laughter and every problem had a solution. But among those rewards, between happiness and joy, is the memory of the vulnerability of human beings, my family, people you love, whom we see some form of deteriorating health, their happiness, their life … leaving them available to those who are near and those who want them, to help them regain or keep the courage and the will, the strength and energy to the emancipation of his sentence for health.

That’s when someone make decisions and priorities changed, because recognizes and reconsiders some goals and even intentions, are vain, unnecessary or superficial. So to question me about What is life? reply that only manifestations of different priorities. Health problems reduce the targets, limit and restrict freedom of choice, autonomy, which is one of the great treasures of the human being, but especially makes us reflect on our life priorities.

What do you see in yourself?
What do you see in yourself?

When a person loses their choice: move, run, sing, travel, embrace … is like taking a bit of his “human” is a half-person, half or a fragment of a human being and not inhumane (in the pejorative sense) but by being aware (most times) of its incompleteness, which ends up impacting the emotions of those around you. In these cases, when you need bystander to help find its complement.

As Fernando Savater said: “You have to be born human, but only to be fully arrived when the rest of us spread his humanity the way …”, living with other human beings is what makes us people with the attributes of humanity accepted by society as solidarity, kindness, compassion, generosity and brotherhood; conditions that does not accomplished just for exist, but to live in the broadest sense to assess what and who they are, where value is prioritized.

For me, during this process of reconfiguration of priorities was this one item, my rapprochement with philosophy, which was through a Seminar of Philosophy and Ethics, and who were involved in addition to the thoughts of the Greek philosophers (as part of the process of historical knowledge), the thought of my friends who I shared their thinking and that is not limited or not limited to inform, but to enrich myself through the art of conversation.

I was where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do
I was where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do

And precisely the conversation, that in these times has diversified and therefore dehumanized, is another of my fortunes. There are people with training, experience or similar story, but the fact of having the will to share among individuals who by their ages, places of birth and residence, as well as their personal and professional experiences are as diverse as the stars in the sky, or as varied as the ideas that can arise in one person.

Although all their differences, they have one thing in common: they have opinion, are building their own criteria and arguments, and as I promote, have decided to move to the epistemological, not accordant with their memory; and although used reason with the idea of Socrates and Plato (rationalist philosophers) that only reason we can provide insurance knowledge, now, like Descartes, who distrusted the knowledge inherited from the Middle Ages, and began to “philosophize” (thinking) by himself.

Divide and multiply is another of the joys of my life. Tested repeatedly for various reasons and recently validated (say in the technical language lovers modern production processes) by experiences that have left me no doubt. The sadness, the pains and sorrows, when shared, are reduced to the emotional weight, contrary to what happens with the joys, enjoys and good adventures, which multiply exponentially when there echoes the situation of life known as friendship .

Have you ever wonder it?
Have you ever wonder it?

John Lennon said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy with other plans” and there were those who understood that there was no plan, however it is not that. We cannot say that we live, not knowing for what purpose we do. I cannot say it’s life, but I know what I do in it, which in itself is a plan. Life happens if I let go, but could enjoy with live or if I define intensity, constantly, I want to get it.

Not even remotely pretend to compete with Violeta Parra and his “Thanks to life”, I just realized that I have options, as Amado Nervo said “Life is like a huge ark full of possibilities” and mine are a wide range between being happy and living aware that I do not need another argument that faith or worried about holding a debate on life with a “pure Darwinian” only accepts “their right.”

Finally, I had firsthand reflection. This situation came to me and was included in my life without asking, is a strong voice process that gradually grew into a whisper, that although whispers, no less direct: nothing will be equal. And not only so can result in negative (minimized), but because the mere presence of that possibility as an element of life, motivation to change, that which comes from knowing that happiness is endless and so it can be shared eternal.

What is life? Whatever you decide to be. What you build with it. My life has been my decision. My life has been my construction. And yes, even bloody and difficult times, has been an experience that I will not lose, I hope to return with vigor, with strength, with drive and value. For love, for family, for friends, for my accomplished and what I still need to be done Because my life is not over by having failed to achieve what they promised and because I have confidence that is not the end. See you soon.

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  1. life is like a book, some chapters are sad, some happy, others exciting.
    but if ever you return the blade you never know what the next chapter holds
    the best things in life are not things, are the moments, emotions, memories, life is beautiful
    life is not a problem to be solved is a mystery to be lived
    Life is one and must be lived.

    Me gusta

  2. life is like a book some chapters are sad others happy
    other exciting
    but if you never come back sheet you never know what the next chapter holds
    life is not a problem to be solved
    It is a mystery to be lived
    The best things in life are not things.
    are moments, emotions, memories, lessons, life is beautiful
    Life is one and must be lived.
    alumna:Azahira Jacqueline Ante Contreras#5AMPIA

    Me gusta

  3. in my opinion for my life is beautiful as long as you know live, many times you do big a small problem when we must follow and strive to see life as a challenge, appreciate and enjoy what you love, every problem has a ue hayq find solution and not despair because things can go wrong. life is wonderful and we must strive to be better every day.

    Diana Andrade 5AMARH

    Me gusta


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