World Mental Health Day 2012

This day October 10th on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, there have been some activities around the world, which are nearly silent because there is not a commercial event. But its importance as such that the World Health Organization (WHO) points out particularly since this year’s theme: “Depression, a global crisis.”

The “depression” is one of the most serious evils in the world and many cases go untreated because they aren´t identified. So this year, WHO is strengthening its measures to increase awareness of mental health issues and encourages debate on mental disorders and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment.

Take away the stigma that depression is and make things simple and practical to alleviate low self-esteem and desire to realization. You have to eat healthy, sleep long enough and do some physical activity or recreational taste. From my educational work and business perceive the changes taking place in people, especially the young people to meet these three simple recommendations.

However, I believe that we must also seek the attention and maintenance to basic human rights, in particular:

1. A family that cares for one and one that can care of them.

2. Satisfying work and a healthy working environment.

3. Opportunities for improving the quality of life.

No doubt looking for and supporting those around us that these three rights can be met, humans can live in fulfillment process, from the hand of their faith.

I hope this short post is food for thought and especially motivation, to mental health, as many of the finer things in life, is achieved with everyday actions with intentions at heart and for the purpose of personal life . To do your own person contact with those around you and around you. Contact with the world makes you part of it. And of course, I invite you to read. The reading cure.

Recuerden que si comentan constructivamente cualquiera de las entradas del Blog Caziidi’ podrán ganar el ejemplar del libro de regalo del mesel cual está destinado especialmente para quienes se han suscrito a Caziidi’.



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  1. I think the depression at this time is already almost common among some young people or adolescents, I don’t mean at all, but I think that most. with so much technology the teenage enveces prefer to spend the time front wing TV, computer or cell phone and this can cause that Agamas wings others people aside even though we are a support for them and we try to hang out alone.
    Also there is joveves seeking better living single front wing technology, that does not want to spend time with anyone, for fear of being hurt or criticized.
    Depression can say that it is when people feel sad, melancholic, unhappy, criticized, it faces less others, despondent or collapsed, also they think that all the bad things that happen are because of them. Most of us feel this way occasionally for short periods or when we have problems with friends, family, boyfriend, husband or simply things that they moved as we esperavamos that pass.
    At any time always should know that we have family and friends who care about us and to always have a pillar to feel loved.

    Me gusta


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