Ideas that you must read… and write

In one of my recent chat rooms, synchronous and distance by Twitter, came a very interesting and valuable reflection on the teacher’s communication skills. This time it was with Carlos Jose Guevara Barrientos, Mathematician and Teacher in the field, who talked pleasantly about education from Mexico to Costa Rica.

Teacher Guevara reviewed the situation in his country in terms of reading skills and written communication skills of teachers, and I provided some ideas about the subject which demands deep and although, it was not our intention (for now) to propose solutions, but if we can then synthesize what they share, as an invitation to reflection.

Poor reading comprehension is a problem in many countries. Not to take over “evil of many, consolation of fools”, but to understand the dimension of this situation, this is not typical of a country because it has more to do with the human race and of course, with humans that policymakers educational, without being “guilty” must take responsibility.

Reading comprehension should be a priority in all educational levels. This competition is not a matter of “preparing for assessments”, but for life, a purpose of education is losing impact in the classroom because it only seeks to pass an exam. All levels of education should ensure their contribution to this ability, beyond an assessment.

People who are examples. Reading is a pleasure.
People who are examples. Reading is a pleasure.

Speak, write and read well is a professional and moral obligation of every teacher. Failure to meet this obligation is to allow the errors which exponential multiplier effect, end up discrediting the communication skills of all who expect to be supported in their training. We must not allow “but you got it, right?” when communication mistakes are committed.

Everyone must take their share of responsibility. In education we are all needed, it is not only educational institutions, schools or colleges, do their part in the formation of citizens, but that everyone with responsibility to act for the enrichment of people with actions to their autonomy and development of their capabilities.

People who are examples. The love of reading is shown reading.
People who are examples. The love of reading is shown reading.

Dysfunction in speaking, writing and reading is caused by poor need to do it. The actual communication, particularly the Internet and especially social networks, demand no spelling rules, a situation that has worsened even to the professional field with the excuse of “not be professional writers”, reports are prepared lacking all communicative purpose.

Insecurity and fear of speech to an audience are the result of trauma of various kinds. Teasing and criticism an individual receives from parents, teachers, peers, colleagues and even their own family, are having an impact on self esteem, restricting the most essential: communicate. The mockery is still easier, graceful and fashionable, that positive reinforcement.

Educational institutions undermine education when they allow deficiencies in basic skills teacher. Any deficiency has consequences, so should not be tolerated as if they were “essential part” in the training process, much less in the case of basic skills such as communication. The teacher must be competent.

Private or public Institution, if there train teachers, must do responsibly. Educational institutions should be a teacher training with integrity and not by the number of graduates, as they are generating “capital goods”, It is to say enrich the human and intellectual capital in others, so their development should must tend to the highest expectations.

The consequences of non-educated are catastrophic. For the same reasons that we reflect on the importance of education in the sense of transcendence of man, that is why we should worry and take care when they are not educated, because it prevents or at least limit that our human an social been let his footprint for posterity.

I reiterate that these are just some ideas to encourage reflection, which I hope to remain an everyday activity in those who are dedicated to education, and which includes those who one way or another involved: parents, civil authorities and education, and society in general. Because it is a collective task that only with all can be effective.

The Master Carlos Jose Guevara Barrientos is doing his part. He and I, both know that after reflection should be formulated the proposal, and to achieve it, we expect joining other ideas. In the meantime, on behalf of both, we invite you to these ideas are not only in the virtual space, we must read and write, because that’s one of the best ways to analyze and look beyond what do you think.

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