Celebrate remembering and proposing

Dear Teachers and friends who teach with official permission or with life authorization. After reflection about the past years and the different ways to receive congratulations and participate in celebrations for those who are dedicated to teaching, I have come to the conclusion that celebrate this day will be special only to the extent that we remember and propose.

This way it is. Let´s remember our actions in favor of education, the transformation of those who have participated with us in a training process and that one way or another have been something that has changed, the only way to prove you’ve learned. Remember to our students the best reason of our vocation.

Remember what we’ve done for someone to learn and what we have learned, thanks to other teachers who with dedication, commitment, effort and a great human qualities and dedication, helped and motivated to be different. Because only those who do not learn, still be the same.

And also celebrate proposing. There is always something else to do, as teachers we know, and I think should be our philosophy because it’s consistent with our work. Aware that the future is way to different experiences, we guide our skills to others also discover what we already measures: learning is living.

Propose in the awareness of innovation, knowing that being innovative is to create the “unfinished”, that can always be improved and motivating to develop new possibilities, and that during this process will give us satisfaction of those that remain more than the awards and recognition.

Every day, every course, every class is a chance to propose, and we are teaching when we take, and each proposal combines our style, our experience and expectations with the didactic elements, potentiated by learning methodologies and with the most important ingredient: our hearts.

Celebrate recalling that involves being grateful, celebrate proposing that causes us to grow. We are a reflection of the past with a good deal for the future. It’s not easy being a teacher, And neither it it is to be a student, but synergizing interaction, we all learn and so we build civilizations.

I know that today can be a difficult time, but I have faith that after it will not, and I know because I remember that everything changes and I plan to evolve. Now I take this moment I remember my teachers, and I intend to be better in every academic activity that engages for them, for me and who I get the chance.

If you remember and offer: Congratulations.

My embrace.

Victor Flores

M.A. Víctor Flint Flores Hernández
M.A. Víctor Flint Flores Hernández. Foto de: Graduaciones del Noroeste (2012).

Versión en Español.

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