Which are your solid?

Obviously the idea comes to me read “Liquid Modernity” by Zygmunt Bauman, a work recommended for those interested in the reflection of utopias and dystopias of modern society that seems to evolve at a rapid pace and sometimes in the opposite direction we want .

I have allowed myself to wonder while sharing this question to those who read this space, which are your solid? What are the concepts, principles or paradigms that make up your philosophy and can be considered as “solid” according to Bauman’s theory?

Achieving the self-realization.
Achieving the self-realization.

We all have pre-established concepts, inherited or learned, that we do not change and that neither the circumstances nor the passage of time have been able to “melt”; ideas that make us who we are, but most of all motivate us to do what we think we are .

Therefore, we must identify the “solid” we do “freeze” our attitudes, perspectives and kept at the time that you may need to evolve, to conform … to find the identity, to be liberated of invisible prisons and be responsible for our reflection in search of our autonomy.

Do you know your solid? Perhaps it is time to think about them and discover how the society rather than absorb you recognize you enough, In the measure in which you are achieving the self-realization. Reflects and recognizes those paradigms that will hinder the transformation and evolution that you deserve.

"Liquid Modernity" by Zygmunt Bauman
“Liquid Modernity” by Zygmunt Bauman

Spanish version

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