The way I feel today. Reflection at the end of 2011

The way I feel today. Reflection at the end of 2011


At the end of one year we usually  reflect on what we have done this year, and perhaps we realize that we did not reach some goals, which may give you some degree of frustration, but we must not fall into that, it is important that our thinking is: clear to identify what stopped us from the achievement and have motivation to do what is necessary the next year and so achieve the unrealized and reach new goals.

I think these dates as an excellent opportunity to reflect “with intention rather than situation”, because many times the events guide us and “force us” to be better, rather than be the ones who provoke the events, so we use these last days of 2011 to receive an insight into our thoughts, values, actions, dreams and purposes.

With my end of this year 2011 personal reflection I am evaluating the things that have occurred in my life, and I see how they have helped me to reach my goals, or have been keeping me away from them, I have identified what I needed to have, allowing me to be aware of what I can do, what I need to learn, and even the goals that I still struggle with.

In my reflection I realized that I didn´t reach one of my goals: study English, so I gave myself the task of investigating and discover that I still could do it. There was a possibility, to focus my last effort of the year to achieve something I’m missing or I get involved in the maelstrom of activities involving these celebrations and leave the goal for next year. You can guess the decision.

Victor Flores at American English School, December 2011
Victor Flores at American English School, December 2011

Today I feel physically tired because these days are not holidays at all, but I am happy and proud, although I do not sleep the way I am used to, I enjoy this time knowing that I am doing something for my personal and professional development. I have health, I have a job and a great family, the effort is worth it.

I still have one major goal: to write and publish my first book, but after what I’ve seen in myself, I know I can do it, I just set the goal for the next year, I am ready to take advantage of my sense of accomplishment to potentiate my strength and disclose my skills, what motivates me every day. You can do it too, even if you have not reached all your goals this year, it is possible to do so.

All of us will have our own conclusions, but remember that a goal that is not achieved, It’s only an opportunity to focus efforts and cheer. With renewed vigor we will be able to start what we need and more. That’s the feeling that you must keep in your mind every day, it will be your incentive. Your goals are hope and your heart is your strength, so you should feel this way today and forever. Happy end of the year and best wishes for 2012.

Spanish version (Reflexión al cierre del año 2011).

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  1. Hello my friend Victor: Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are such a great person. I thank God for meeting.

    Best wishes.

    Happy New Year 2012.

    Julio Gutierrez.

    Me gusta

  2. I believe time will endure knowledge at the end, when dedication takes roll in life.

    Flint, amigo, you are very well dedicated!

    Let me wish you the best of Christmas that the Spirit of The Nativity of Our Lord takes you in celebrate with all of you, the coming of Our Savior!

    Dcn. Freddy Hernandez
    St. Boniface Catholic Church
    Anaheim, CA

    Me gusta

  3. ¿¿¿ escribir un libro ??? mi esposo ya lo esta haciendo, todo el 2011 estuvó dedicado a su libro y no ha terminado, si Dios así lo dispone quizá este terminado este proximo 2012, su libro habla de su pueblo Atoyac de Álvarez sus creencias, costumbres y vivencias.
    No creo mucho en las evaluaciones de nosotros mismos de fin de año o al menos a mi no me han dado resultado y la verdad ultimamente no he tendio metas, este 2011 no me gusto ya que no me movi ni me senti motivada muchos menos ilusionada.
    Este 2011 solo lo vivi, así nada más porque estoy viva uuuu que pena, si, toda una fodonga y es que para que yo me mueva, para que pueda lograr mi metas necesito estar ILUSIONADA en lo deseado, planeado y la verdad eso nunca paso.
    Bueno Maestro le deseo un 2012 lleno de metas logradas y sé que así será porque Usted es muy dedicado en su trabajo, con sus alumnos y con Usted mismo, así que espero muy pronto ver ese libro vendiendose en las mejores librerias y centros comerciales, este 2012 exitos, exitos en todos los ambitos, que yo seguire leyendo sus publicaciones en sus webs aunque muchas, muchas veces no deje comentarios besitooossss.

    Me gusta


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